1. Introduction:

It is highly recommended that visitors carefully read the university's privacy policy before visiting the Om Sterling Global University (OSGU) website. These policies must be followed by everyone who uses OSGU resources, including the official website.

2. Objective:

The primary objective of this document is to provide website visitors with an understanding of how OSGU gathers, maintains, uses, and distributes their data. For the duration of their interaction with Om Sterling Global University, the university owns and controls any data submitted by website users. This document also outlines how OSGU protects data security, maintains data privacy, and controls information disclosure to outside parties.

3. Scope:

This privacy policy applies to everyone visiting the official OSGU website, including affiliates, academic staff, students, and prospective students.

4. Data Collection:

Users who register for an account or use the OSGU website voluntarily provide personal information. This contains email addresses and other contact details in addition to other details. In addition, usage information might be gathered, including IP addresses, browser kinds, access durations, and pages visited.

5. Use of Data:

The university uses data gathered from website visitors to improve services, personalize experiences, communicate effectively, respond to customer queries, process orders, prevent fraud, comply with legal obligations, and accomplish other legitimate business objectives.

6. Data Disclosure:

User-provided information will never be exchanged or sold to other institutions or organizations without the user's permission. Only where required by law or essential for security and safety will such disclosures take place.

7. Data Security:

To protect gathered data from any loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction, OSGU has implemented rigorous safety protocols. Even with strong security measures in place, complete protection from outside attacks cannot be ensured. It is recommended that users use caution when clicking on links from third parties to safeguard themselves against sensitive information being misused.

8. Use of Cookies:

OSGU may modify information according to user preferences by using cookies gathered from website visitors.

9. Privacy Grievances:

Individuals can email OSGU or call the numbers listed in the grievance section if they have concerns about the institution's privacy policy.

10. Policy Updates:

Process updates, changes in regulations, or adjustments to university affiliations may result in changes to this privacy policy. Any such modifications will be communicated to users in compliance with the relevant legislation.